Sensor configuration Single sensor. Allied Vision Stadtroda, Germany For 25 years, Allied Vision has been helping people to be faster, more precise, and more efficient in whatever matters to them. All variants are also available as board-level versions. Resolution Megapixel All 0. All models are equipped with CCD sensors with a wide choice in both monochrome and colour, offering resolutions from VGA up to 5 megapixels.

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This relieves the host CPU, so more computing power is available to the actual image processing task. Additionally using the sequence mode, camera parameters can be changed at lightning-speed.

This is a multiple purpose imaging device. The GOF connection allows up to m cable lengths, equalization of potential and stingrwy from Electro-Magnetic interference.

Development engineers have a large choice of adaptable cameras available to ease integration. High Power for High Speed.

If you like this page, please recommend stignray share it. The sensor is shipped with a special adhesive foil to protect it against humidity and dust.

AVT Stingray | Cameras | IMACO

The extensive built-in image processing possibilities image stingrxy result in outstanding image quality, reduced retouching, less CPU load and overall higher performance.


Sequence mode allows the usage of different user-controlled configurations for a single image trigger. To meet industrial requirements, the Stingray can be fitted with a x2 copper daisy chain connection.

Provision of a sequence mode. Ultra High Resolution Mono. It is suitable to a wide variety of industrial applications. Show advanced filters Hide advanced filters.

Shading correction is used to compensate for non-homogeneities caused by lighting or optical characteristics within specified ranges.

All variants are also available as board-level stihgray. Markets and Applications This is a multiple purpose imaging device. Allied Vision Stingray Technical Manual 4.

It can be easily integrated into existing applications thanks to its powerful and flexible API. Based on Allied Vision’s modular concept, it is possible to configure the Stingray with a choice of housings, sensors, filters and lens mounts to adapt it perfectly to individual requirements. If you like this page, please recommend and share it. It can also reduce inspection time in cases where various illumination set-ups are mandatory to inspect one object.

Thanks to this built-in functionality, industrial vision applications can still be designed with reasonably priced standard optics and illumination products, while the camera provides excellent uniform images. Request More Product Information Contact us info adeptturnkey. Bit depth 8 12 Allied Vision Stingray F In practice, this means that different light sources, lighting angles, exposure times or gain values can be used.


Stingray F146C

Modular concept FireWire cameras with extendable functionality. Ultra High Resolution Colour. Sensor configuration Single sensor. Allied Vision Camera Selection Guide 5. Allied Vision – Decimation Application Note It is one of Europe’s largest technology providers in this field. In some cases this can offer a cost-effective alternative to the use of specialised IR sensors such as InGaAs. Shutter type All Global shutter. As a preprocessing stage, a LUT can be used to minimize image data with binarization and thus transfer only the data required.