The aneieni Bomans as well as the Greeks made use of machines in war. Germanic war -knife in iron, kogth Hi inches. Aa the modem weapons of savage nations do not enter into tiie adheme of thia work, the fimt ones likewise must of neoeedlj be passed over, even when ancient, for the modem constmction of savage nations is just what it was in the bygone centuries. Mcxionn sppnr-licftd of the loth coi] t my. Another bolt called matras had n round disk or head, which killed without piorcinr? The honddrcsH hns notliini:

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The Harqudms from the Oerman word HaA’Biutf or oannon with oatohwith matoih-holdBr, trigger, and tombler, made about the latter half of die fifteenth oentmy. HU iposetl to haTe lived in the reign of Augustus. Fonr amsll osnnona are zepresenfted Digitized by Google 68 Abridged Eiiionf fixed to the four comers of a board, and a gunner bcr-500 firing them with brigmtom match.

Amhnu Co Utd k m, Keller of Zurich to suppose that thpy were not wecipona, but hulchtli intended to be u.

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Gennan bassinet of the thirteenth oeo- tnry. Oermanio bit in iron, of the MeroYinopan epoch. The tonch-hole is generally on the right side. Among the designd of M.

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Cabind of AntiquUUt, Zurich. Eqxieetrian gtatuo in bronze, of the end of tho tliirtoenth century, front and back view ; in tho collection of M. As for the ur: Like those mentioned above, these camions were bbrigmton of a vvr-500 of yellow copper, but between it an 1 the exterior leather tube there was a thick layer of liLue, and romid ihem were also seversl ringa of wrought bvr-00.


It waa in use for abcmt 80 yeaia. Fillet, witlj chin-gtrap, or check- platcii, probably in metal, or leathtr moontod with melid. Hallatatt is Bituaied near laohl, in Austria. Persian helmet with cheek-plates and neok-covcring, from a bas-relief, casta of which are at tho Louvro and British MuiH. UroDzo edit found in Switzerland, and prcaenred in the Huaaum of 6ene?

As to the forms of the armour, thej are always graoefbl and noble. The arrow-blades were found” in iiabylou itself, and cannot date farther bock than tho foundation of this city. It bean the mark of the armourer I A. TUdng breaatpUte with mentonnitoe and helmet. Heaiime of tho thirteenth century, in iron, decorated with poljchrome de- Nieuiocrkerke Collection.

GermaitL Some photographic representations, by Chevalier, liave been pablished by Claye, inbut ‘are not sold to tlio public.

War born, Irish, called Awie.

This is really a casque of the transition period which has preserved its nosc-j iece. This is probsUy the new sort of helmet qiofcen of by the writers contemporaiy with the battle of Bou- vinea The hanberk, with long tight deevH and hood, appean to be of flioDgs covered with iran, end of a kind unknown. Brimton ofGonnan knee In btonie.


The Bovan caTslry in the tune of Polybins were equipped like the Greek. The nme kind of saddle is foond on tbe Bayeox tapestries of the end of the eleventh century. This doablet was made entirely of linen, sliglitly quilted, and having rings of mail imder the bbr-500 and under the kiu rs and arms, so as to protect the body wherever tho armour uivs weakest, and wberevor an opening nnght occur for tlie sword or small threc-sided pouiaid called in Genuou Pa tutrhrechcr.

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It was at this period that cast shot was invented, which was destined to efibot a great change in artillery. It is of blacke ned iron, about scveuteeu inches in height. This helmet has a erest and ra-ck- guard, uud is provided with a screw far iMtening to the piaoeate in fimt. It is aot the only stone made use of by the enoient inhalntants of America for their weaponi! From a bos-relief ropreeenting: