Created by Jay Davis. This module should be programmed on on the motherboard’s BIOS. Broadcom MBA implementation has been tested successfully in the following environments: Updated by Dick Nagtegaal. Created by Geoffrey Gardner.

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Broadcom NetXtreme Ethernet Controller Driver 15.0.1 for DOS NDIS2

The LineSpeed ndiis2 requires a decimal number and of either 10,or Created by Al Gilhousen. Created by John Ole Gronmo. If neither keyword is used, the network adapter defaults to auto-negotiation mode.

This file is located on the installation CD. Unfortunately, the test causes some very few main boards to hang, so we can’t load it automatically.

Created by Ken Wygant. Created by Craig Setera. Do not use these keywords unless you know how to configure PCI devices. Created by Art Heimsoth. To enable boot agent with optionally selected boot agent, perform the following: Created by Jeff Bogari. UK driver works best for both the and pentium versions of the Unisys box but the UK version sometimes works in situations that the UK does not the chips bbroadcom marked uk or uk Fixed divide overflow on fast Pentium machines.


Requires a decimal number having a value boadcom from 0 to 7. This procedure depends on server BIOS implementation.

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This image should be used on the NIC application. If it does not support BBS, then it will use Int18h instead. In the case of a remote boot, the Linux universal driver binds seamlessly with the Broadcom UNDI Universal Network Driver Interface and provides a network interface in the Linux remote-booted client environment. This is assuming that the Broadcom software CD is in drive D.

To specify ndiis2 boot method, press the following keys when you see the Broadcom startup banner: Please refer to the server’s user manual. Broadcom MBA implementation has been tested successfully in the following environments: It allows users to do a complete Linux installation over the network. Intel has also created patches to the Linux PXE server code to allow clients to do a remote boot.

Problems using Ghost with a Broadcom Gigabit NIC

You can get a list of all supported layouts with. These two images can be found on the CD disk 1: If a multicast address or a broadcast address is specified, the adapter uses the default MAC address.


Specifies the number of the PCI bus on which the network adapter is located. Created by Jim Webster. This is for the version 4. Do not use them unless you are familiar with how to configure PCI devices.

This module should be programmed on the motherboard’s BIOS. For the sake of simplicity, the driver performs auto-negotiation when the line speed is set to a value of It is tested on the ndos2 families: When creating the recovery boot disk, Snapshot tries to detect the current keyboard layout of Windows. Alternatively, use Broadcom Advanced Control Suite 2 see Broadcom Advanced Control Suite 2 to view the bus number, function port number, and nris2 number assigned to each adapter Windows users only.