Just started playing 2 summer ago. This Driver is the I-Mix version. Damn I just plain feel bad for you man. Both visual and technological leap from previous model I like it … specially the design. Just pick me…I feel lucky.

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So now, onto my rating. I think this sweet looking driver would go great with my Callaway Fusion irons. I had changed the shaft and then like 3 rounds later the face collapsed. So much for the ft-iw amendment huh? I just hope they solved the center of gravity issues by keeping the tour low cg specs in this IQ model.

Callaway Callaway FT-IQ Drivers

Casey 10 years ago. Going into this review I was not real eager to try this club, but it changed my mind on the course. Needless to say the mall police frown on this sort of behavior. Things are really getting out of hand!!!: Wish I would have thought of it.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Callaway FT-iQ Driver 8. I was trying to bomb the thing mph SS and that only got me into trouble.


I reeeeaaaaallllllllyyyyyy want to win this driver as my birthday preasent. Anonymous 10 years ago.

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The biggest problem with the driver is that I hit it so far with such accuracy my dad is making me move back to the tips! Curtis A 10 years ago. NOEL 10 years ago. Lastly, I am a huge fan of mygolfspy and Callaway.

Over the next week, I played this driver on tou course and to my amazement, it is long and straight. Jackie Gundermann 10 years ago. Tojr and determined to break Well, 12 months on I felt I had to change my review.

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While distance is similar to Cobra, off face hits went well and stayed in fairway. There is a video of Ernie Els hitting this thing up at the Callaway site. The question is because Callaway allowed such a deep discount, what are the going to spring on us next?!?! Hey I hope you win…but if not buy some Desperado golf balls.


I have a nephew that has the best hand eye coordination and can be great at golf but his situation does not allow him to buy golf clubs so he can exploit his talents.

Damn I just plain feel bad for you man.

I should win it because being a club junky it id killing me to wait until Nov. Andy Greenwald 10 years ago. The Fubuki shaft is confidence inspiring. I have a friend that has won a corvet and a friend that has won a laptop, and a friend that won a free trip to Mexico.

I should win this new Callaway ft-iq driver because my dad has a set of Callaway irons but his driver is a TaylorMade. Who better to do that callasay the big dog himself?