The library list is used for resolving unqualified stored procedure calls and finding libraries in catalog API calls. A value of 1 enables the internal driver trace. However, if connecting to the iSeries over the internet, you may wish to enable SSL to encrypt the data being sent between client and server systems. If disabled, SQL queries will run until they finish. The problem with data source names is that each time you attempt to connect; the program has to look up information about the connection options in the Windows registry. The following settings can be used to tune the performance of an ODBC application.

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The default value, 0will cause the driver to use the settings within the application whereas the value 1 will cause all statements to be generated as updateable cursors. A value of 0 indicates to return an SQL Error. Larger LOB thresholds will reduce the frequency of communication to the server, but will download more LOB data, even if it is not used. The default is 0 ; do not use true auto-commit. Specifies a codepage to override the default client codepage setting with.

If I am on the internal network, I feel I do not need this security. The DFT keyword, can also be specified as DateFormatsets the format that is used with date literals that are passed to the iSeries. However, ADO does not respect this keyword as it issues connection attribute settings when connection is made to the iSeries rendering this keyword ineffective.

If equidistant, round down. If you do not want to have a default library, begin this list with a comma. This can be a very bad thing, because even if in your application you have specified to close a recordset object or an ODBC statement handle the cursor will stay open on the iSeries and hold any locks associated with the cursor.


The default setting is 0which will cause the iSeries to only search the library list of the connection for an object. For example, if you have an employee file that contains employee ID, name, address, and other assorted information you should not have a BLOB field in that file that contains the employee picture.

AllowUnsupportedChar Specifies whether or not to suppress error messages which occur when characters that can not isdries converted because they are unsupported are detected. This keyword is kind of screwy and does not give you as much control as when using a DSN, but can be a little useful.

These options should only be used when debugging problems or when recommended by support as they will adversely affect performance. This option is only available to Windows and later operating systems that have Kerberos enabled and can only talk to V5R2 and above iSeries systems. Settings that Affect Data Formatting The data formatting keywords allow you to specify the way date, accesx and decimal values are handled by the iSeries when returning data.

Another ramification of the date setting is that if you are using one of the restricted date formats and attempt to read a date before or after the iSeries will simply stop sending data to the client application and issue a data mapping error message CPF into the server job log.

Connection string keywords

A value of 4 will cause the driver to use Kerberos principal for authentication. The driver will generate a funky file name that is the concatenation of the driver name along with the application name and other funky text. To specify no default schema, a comma should be entered before any libraries.


An empty-string indicates to use the user-profile’s default setting for database. The problem with using connection strings is that IBM likes iserirs change some keywords from Client Access version to Client Access version. Note, set this option with caution as this can have an adverse impact on performance. This is described in the “Addendum to V5R2 readme. Option 3 tells the driver to report the graphic type as supported and to return the column length data fot a byte count.

In SQL naming convention the separator is period.

Specifies whether to use extended dynamic package support. Auto-commit causes a commitment operation to be executed after each SQL statement is executed.

IBM Client Access ODBC Driver versus iSeries Access ODBC Driver – United States

Insert, Update, Delete, Create, etc. INI information is stored in the registry. Specifies the time separator used in time literals within SQL statements. There is no functional difference between them. ADO defaults the command time out property to 30 seconds, and I find myself always having to set it to 0 which tells ADO to let the command run forever.

Problems with connection strings The problem with using connection strings is that IBM likes to change some keywords from Client Access version to Client Access version.