I’d reach out to your reps and just have them re-add it. Share something, connect with others! While I used to love Sonos, their compatibility with sources has been great, but the direction they’re headed has been very problematic. Please let us be able to search from our Control4 Touchscreens, Allow us to play announcements though our Sonos speakers. My hope is to be able to use the Sonos app to turn on and listen to music in Control4 zones. I have the same issue.

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This topic has been closed for further comments. Share Tweet Share controo4 Share whatsapp. With the amount of functionality and features Sonos has been changing, with no regard for the end user’s experience, I would rather stick with a company like Control4 that I know is committed to the End User, and quality or quantity, any day.

Help others find useful posts by selecting the best answer to your question. Submit a new link. Would love to see contrlo4 else has this and if there is a fix coming.


Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Contro4. It is concerning not just that Sonos put out an API that drastically reduced functionality but also that they don’t seem to get why that is not OK.

Sign in Already have an account? But hey, at least there is some amount of technical logic you will accept. I am sure that there will be a proper C4 driver in the not too distant future following the new iOS and tvOS releases No credible alternative explanation has ever been offered for why Sonos cannot embrace sonoe common practice.


“Endorsed” Control4 Drivers

There are many viable alternatives now. Simply sharing so that this can be addressed but certainly welcome any insight. Well said InHome Media, it would be nice to hear from Sonos on why technically they decided to limit their API to such a pathetic and useless level.

So is this a Sonos or Control 4 hiccup? Maybe I need to attack it a different way and use a source-sensing amp to turn on the Control4 room and switch to Sonos as an input like from a regular connect rather than making it the amp. I have the exact same issue. They should care because we spend money on Big Money on equipment that works with C4.

Still trying to understand why Control4 endorsed this driver if it is so much worse than the previous one from Extra Vegetables? Local music library with carefully constructed playlists – no shuffling! Okay, perhaps I misunderstood all the hubbub. What I don’t know is firstly how the hardware actually integrates? Basically, I have controo4 couple zones that are under Control4 and a bunch of other rooms that are audio only with Sonos.

If you want direct access to music services such as Pandora and Napster through Control4, the best method is to use these services directly from the Control4 controllers and input into a line-in sons for each Sonos player. As I stated, you are posting speculation, rumor, and innuendo as “fact”, in multiple xonos and off topic threads, in an attempt to “poke” Sonos into making a statement.


All other product names and services may be trademarks or service marks of their respective owners. After all, its a great product!

Control4 Integration with Sonos | Sonos Community

Since the update only Sonos Favorites can be selected from 3rd party control systems such as Control4 and Savant. I don’t think we are getting the full story here. They can’t stream in high resolution, even with sources like Tidal, and forget about running more than zones seamlessly without hiccups. You are mixing apples and oranges. At this time, It’s not advisable to change to Sonos devices assuming you want to keep things in C4 because of that.

Thanks again for all of your answers. They always change api. Why is this different then any other music service you are picking?