With a little more work, Asus could make it a great board. Set to [Ignore] only if necessary. If your motherboard has an audio codec and no PCI audio chipset on- board, you may use the secondary MR; oth- erwise, you should use the primary MR. The slow boot times and inconsistent performance results suggest to me that they need to work on the board design some more. Temperature Warning threshold adjustment Move the slider up to increase the If you need an external COM 2, then you will need to install a back panel plate with a ribbon cable connection to the motherboard. This window displays the help text for the currently highlighted field.

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ASUS CUV4X – motherboard – ATX – Socket 370 – Pro133A

Leave on default setting for best performance vs. Software Setup Service Pack 3. I even tried a different power supply, also without effect on the variability. The variability was still quite noticeable, as shown in the chart below.

Line In light blue allows tape players or other audio sources to be re- corded by your computer or played through the Line Out lime. These are clearly distinguished from jumpers in the Motherboard Layout.


Via 4 In 1 Driver 5. Overclocking fuv4x the Celeron-2 was rather disappointing. The Y axis is exaggerated in the chart below, to highlight what variability there was. How much of a speed boost do you get at to MHz? Pin 5 is removed to prevent inserting in the wrong orienta- tion when using ribbon cables with pin 5 plugged.


Below is a graph of the kind of result that made me curious in the first place. The connector powers up the system when a wakeup packet or signal is received through the LAN card.

In fact, the system showed normal, low variability most of the time, but on occasion, would show increased variability in benchmark results. The system would not boot on the CUV4X. General Help Item Specific Help window located to the right of each menu.

Page 95 Slider 6. The example below ahdio all the switches in the OFF position.

Asus CUV4X JumperFree PC133 User Manual

An optional consumer infrared CIR set connects to the CIR and SIR connectors simultaneously for both wireless transmitting and re- mote control functions through one external infrared module. Page 34 Pin 5 is removed to prevent inserting in the aueio orienta- tion when using ribbon cables with pin 5 plugged.

But I did not see any drop in performance, or variability of results, after running 3D Mark on that machine.

This allows an unattended or automatic system power up. Troubleshooting For the name of the select switch, refer to the owner’s manual for your external tone generator. A chassis intrusion event is kept in memory on battery power for more protection.


The chart below shows the Norton Benchmark variability at this speed. I tried a flash aurio to the BIOS from version tobut this had no effect on the benchmark variation. Page 73 This allows an unattended or automatic system power up.

All-in-all, the CUV4X is a very nice board. The Norton scores went from an average of aboutto an average of about Motherboard Components 1 Microphone Connector on audio model only This occurred right after a fresh, cold boot, so it is inherent in the system. When you start up the computer, the system uadio you with the opportunity to run this program.

Unfortunately, even with a cuv4xx voltage of 1. Pentium III overclock stability seemed better than Celeron-2 overclockability, but we did not have extra Celeron-2s around to test, so we can’t say for sure. Page 53 IDE devices. Make sure that you unplug your power supply when adding or removing memory modules or other system components. While I’m really glad that Flip-Chip-capable motherboards are finally becoming more commonplace, I hope that in the future, they have auido little more polish than the original release of the Asus CUV4X.