What is the problem? Pixellation is not always caused by heat sometimes pixellation is caused by the cable signal coming to the unit. It will not work with the 64bit version of Windows 7. Fedora 14 running MythTV 0. UHF, assign able remote controls are necessary when more than one cable box is housed in the same equipment rack or when a single PVR is used throughout the house as a media center or hub. Many HD recordings are marked as damaged and need seektables rebuilt. Most Active Forum Topics this week

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Motorola DCX P2| HDTV

Did not need add an external channel change script. Consider moving the cable box to another location for example out in the open instead of inside a cabinet.

May 23, at 2: The box accepts Firewire channel changing. It will not work with the 64bit version of Windows 7.

Can’t test premium channels as I don’t subscribe to them. March 2, at 9: January 1, at 7: Notify me of new comments via email. Had to add new model and vendor IDs to ch. After a week of viewing, LAM lock on premium channels seems to be hit or miss. If either one is not, then check the “RC Flag.

Video doorbell without WiFi? You should be aware that most cable service dcxx-3200 charge more money for HDTV channels and specialty channels in HD so you will probably have to pay more than your are currently paying to enable HDTV firwire your new cable box. Keeping the power on does not harm the cable box unit and in fact is preferred to powering the unit on and off since it will maintain and update the guide and keep all programming up to date. Connecting via point-to-point was flaky and not as reliable as broadcast.


How to use a Motorola DVR/Firewire

When you mount the cable box pointing on the left dcx-320 right side of the TV — it is important when you are using the remote that you point it to the side of the TV that the cable box is mounted dc-3200 and not at the center of the TV.

March 22, at 2: Can you please provide more details about where to place the usb fan. The only channels that appeared to be available were the local networks, the live video portion of the TVguide and PPV preview channels, and the music channels with slideshow. Internal channel changer did not work. Will this cable box rescue my project?

How to use a Motorola DVR/Firewire – Wikibooks, open books for an open world

Channel change works great with ch script no modifications required except to specify the node id in ch fireire before compile. Although the Motorola DCX is fairly new some users have already begun to report overheating problems with these units. Recording and LiveTV viewing. I filed a complaint with the FCC, citing http: During card setup selected Generic firewire since is not listed is. Using Point-to-Point everything works perfectly.


After trying a variety of firewire chipsets, the ones that work the firewiire are the latest Agere chips FW v61 with no priming More Details Here As for tuning, some SD channels simply will not work, for example all the Galaxy music furewire channels between and up we use our low def tuners via svideo for those.

I had to add the info for this cable box to ch and use it to change channels, but everything is working very well now. Just found your reply thanks. I can tune to any channel that is active on the box. I get a partial lock on a select few of my premium chans with boxes in broadcast mode at mbps i have 3x dc-3200 in total using the dct in a daisy chain with the dcx at the end of the chain.

March 20, at 7: Channel change with “mythchanger -f 7 -c” MythTV internal changer did not work. Fedora 14 running MythTV 0.

I plugged the same laptop into the RBG inputs of my projector and it worked fine … needless to say I was confused.