Patches Dirty hack to fix this problem! For now I always suspend my laptop prior to closing the lid. Google seems to take a couple of weeks to “find” new pages and the Linux on Laptops page hasn’t been updated since March 26th! For me it is not clear how to apply the patch. BagpussNZ bagpussnz wrote on

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With the “intel” driver, the expected behaviour of a video button event is to activate and setup all displays which are detected as being connected. If you want the modules automatically installed on boot the pctel. The Deol is virtually the same machine, but it is almost impossible to define a search for the Gateway too bad they didn’t use something other than “”. Thanks a lot Tino.

Console resolution intel i card.

February 2nd, 1. Open Source Consulting Domain Registration. I have the same problem with a Dell m GM chipset!

February 4th, 3. I can confirm this bug with Dapper and my Dell D Now the funny thing: When I returned on Monday the 8th, I del to find a replacement for a trip I was taking on the 9th. The x is changing my perspective. Dell laptop – intel vs i driver – close lid blank screen Sorry, my mistake, i seems to not have explained the situation clearly. I’m going to check the progress of the upstream bug and then figure out what the next status is. Jede28 news-saring wrote on I guess that my updates must have did that.


Since the beamer sports a ‘blank screen’ feature as many modern models doI can blank out the beamer when I need to work in privacy. The time now is The sound card sort of works. Here remove the section on the top as indicated inside this file and modify the default entry of the “case” statement at the very bottom. The internal modem works, but you need to hack the source code for the driver.

Linux on a Dell Latitude x200

This is reproducable under both the 2. I’ll attach new debdiff for convevience. The video chip is an Intel I8100. I had an i in an old Dell running Debain testing. But still, from my experience, a 1. Oh – one other thing. Yes, I am using solely the “Stand by” button Fn-Esc to suspend the machine o810 only then I close the lid as the laptop responds somewhat strangely to closing the lid when the system is on.


i8110 Try the Live Media of either of those distros before installing. Sometimes the suspending operation does not finish. Frequency scaling needs to be activated in an init script with.

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The C and the X share quite a few components in common and this site has good information on how to configure these components for Linux. Finally, when you push the “Hot sync” button on the USB cradle, you should get something like the following:. Thanks, guys, for the great work and the great help!