This is the benchmark everyone’s talking about this year, although again its got some GeForce3 only features, it give any graphics card a good workout. Write a comment below. The graph below shows the numbers from the newest version of 3D Mark version 1. I had no problems with 2D performance, including DVD and DivX playback, 2D performance as far as I’m concerned is very good on all the current Nvidia GeForce based cards, and will allow you to run any application you should wish to. But a chipset which works at MHz can do without cooling at all.

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Only memory overclocking had a significant effect on performance, and even then, the performance boost was marginal.

The memory’s frequency is too difficult to raise, while the GPU speed doesn’t matter much, as you know. In the legend in the graph above, the system speed is represented by the first number, and bus speed by the second. So, if you have got a mainboard without an AGP slot this card is the only except the Matrox G PCI which can provide you with a wide range of functions of image displaying on two monitors and of a sound level of 3D acceleration. Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: The graph below shows the results.

Installation and drivers Test system: The Ultra is the fastest card around for this particular benchmark besides the GeForce3 which is quite a bit faster.

ELSA GLADIAC GeForce2 Ultra (AGP 4x, 64 MB) Overview – CNET

Hyundai produces memory chips with 6 ns access time, which corresponds to MHz. I think for most people, it will be a toss-up whether you prefer x with 32 bit color and no FSAA, or x with 16 bit color and mid-level FSAA.


Since it was released the GeForce2 Ultra has dropped considerably in price, as Elsa cards are already priced very competitively, now is probably a very good time to upgrade from that old Voodoo3, that just isn’t up to the job these days. As always I installed the graphics card along with a fresh install of Windows. The system booted into Windows without problems, but would not run any 3D application without hanging.

But it does eliminate most artifacts present in 3D accelerated moving images. User’s Manual; CD with drivers and utilities.

The newest Detonator-3 6. Although it is not too much, the performance boost will be noticeable. Well, the overclocking potential is promising, but the performance will hardly increase much because of the restrictions of the PCI bus.

Click to find out more. Clearly, CPU speed has a big effect on the Gladiac’s performance. The difference from the first reviewed card is only in the DVI connector for digital monitors. Some people will find FSAA irritating due to the slight veforce2 that it introduces into the image.

ELSA GLADIAC GeForce2 GTS – graphics card – GF2 GTS – 64 MB

I ran 3DMark again with the card overclocked to show the gains that can be made, although not much, the extra performance is a free upgrade, which cant be bad O:. All 3 of the graphics card where benched the same at MHz, the nature test was disabled for the GeForce3 as this counts towards the final score, the Kyro II and GeForce2 Ultra cannot run the Nature test so it is skipped by default.

It appears to be just a cosmetic tweak away from the sky-blue Special Edition. This maybe not be a particularly fair comparison, but it does show how the Ultra stacks up against currently available hardware.


If you have a very large monitor, like 21″, and you expect to run your Gladiac at high resolutions like xthen you will want the 64MB model.

ELSA Gladiac , ELSA Gladiac PCI and ELSA Gladiac DVI on NVIDIA GeForce2 MX

All the cards cost cheaper than their competitors, while their quality is incredibly good. Basically with the GeForce Ultra you can play UT in any resolution you want, it works fine with all the settings maxed out on this 1. So, today the tests will be conducted for three GeForce2 MX based cards: Directx 8 was also installed to run the Directx 8 benchmarks. What was the best tech product of ?

The image is sharper with the higher resolution, but more realistic with FSAA and a lower resolution. But at higher resolutions and 32 bit color, the Gladiac starts to become the limiting factor, and you can see the performance differences between test systems become much smaller. The design is also identical to the reference card.

Thus, you may display an image either on two monitors or on a monitor and a TV screen. This is the benchmark everyone’s talking about this year, although again its got some GeForce3 only features, it give any graphics card a good workout.