What are the dimensions of cards compatible with the printer? You can check if the update has been successful by sending the Rfv command or by opening the Dialog Box with the printer. Does Evolis printers support print head from other models? How can I install and configure a ribbon? Each print head has a specific part number.

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The ink can be applied only once on each side of the card. White lines on the printed cards mean that the print head is unable to heat the ribbon in this zone: Evolos the problem persists even after checking out these points, please contact your Evolis reseller or distributor.

The driver version will be required by Evolis whenever you need assistance. Contact our support team. Click enter on your keyboard ebolis send the command. Versatility Evolis’ flexible solutions to respond to our customers’ needs. How do I clean the cleaning roller? Optional extended warranty and printer loaner plans ID Wholesaler’s extended warranty plans include toll-free technical support, live chat support, total parts and labor replacement, and fast turn-around on printer repairs.

Each Evolis printer shipped will now come with the new Limited Warranty Conditions enclosed in each carton and are also displayed on the second screen of the driver setup wizard. Legacy – Tattoo 2 Support.


Drivers and manual for Tattoo card printer | Evolis

What can I do? The answer should be OK. The Evolis Tattoo 2 printer is also outfitted with a card detachable output hopper that collects your printed cards so you don’t have to.

Please see the new Zenuis Classic. Pack of 50 pre-saturated cleaning cards packaged in individual tear-open pouch.

Drivers for Tattoo 2

This information is available on the list of common spare parts for these printers range. Technical Support Our team is able to assist you 7: Evolis UltraClean Kit A for complete cleaning of the printer.

How do I clean the printer interior? Please try our Supplies Finder.

During printing, if a card remains in the feeder or gets stuck in the middle of the printer, please check the following points:. Printwr is the same used for Quantum 2. I cannot encode a magnetic card. The white margins on the edges of the printed card can be reduced by changing the offset settings. The easiest way to visually determine if a stripe on a card is Hico or Loco is by checking the color of the stripe.


Calibrate Ribbon Sensor Go to your devices and printer folder. You can check if the update has been successful by sending the Rfv command or by opening the Dialog Box with the printer.

Drivers and manuals for Tattoo 2 card printer | Evolis

I have a white margin on the edge s of the printed card. The latest version of the eMedia Card Designer software can be downloaded directly from the eMedia website. Each print head has a specific part number. You can revise and reprint cards within seconds, making this the ideal printer for visitor badges, transit passes, ski and resort passes, as well as loyalty and member cards with special offers.

What is the difference between the black mono ribbon and the Black Wax ribbon? How can i set the coercivity – hico or loco – in pginter driver? For mechanic, adjustment and also warranty reasons, the print head of the other or previous ranges are not compatible with the other Evolis printers.