Run Macros from the Main Window. Then just name it and save it. All timers can be started or stopped by clicking the “Timers” button. I used a Wemos D1 Mini. Yes, delete it Cancel. You should Sign Up. Click the Download button for your free trial now.

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I decided to use firecracksr AdaFruit Huzzah because it was slightly smaller than firecracler NodeMCU and it gave me the option of using a Lithium-Ion battery, which I wasn’t quite able to fit in the box. Your Email Remember me. Very easy to set up and has many features not found in most other FireCracker software. The Hackaday Prize. Run your macros by clicking the “Macros” button and double clicking the macro name. Description This is a simple project that uses an AdaFruit Huzzah, a 0.

Point and Click Macro Setup.

You should Sign Up. Turn all Units on a single house code OFF with a single click. Give it a brief description and click save. Simple On and Off Buttons for each Group. A PiZero in a mint box that can be used to firecracoer or share a wifi or wired connection.


CM17A FireCracker Computer Interface Module

Already have an account? Thank you so much for this! Many new features have been added along with several changes to make it more efficient. Fiirecracker all Lights on a single house code OFF with one click. Run Macros from the Main Window.

View all 15 components. Yes, delete it Cancel. Select a macro, set the start time and click one button to create the timer. Timers are set up with a few clicks of the mouse. Super simple build which is good because I’m a total n00b with this stuff.

Possibly the easiest and most convenient software application available for the FireCracker CM17A device. Point and Click Timer Setup.

X10 Firecracker: Home Automation | eBay

About Us Contact Hackaday. If you would like to take a look at it, click here. A customizable “panic” button has been added to give you a quick way to start an event or a series of events for the length of time you specify. I used c1m7a glue and an X-Acto knife to create a spot for the board to sit in so the MicroUSB port would be right up against the box.


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org: How to: X CM17A Interface

Another feature I added was to shut the screen off after 5 seconds or whatever you decided or even not at all because I didn’t like the bright light at n. Your Password Forgot your password?

Record macros by simply clicking on the command buttons and setting the time between commands. Become a member to follow this project and never miss any firedracker.

X-10 FireCracker CM17A Controller

Click the Download button for your free trial now. The device fits into a small box and is only marginally larger than the firecracker itself. Visual Home Commander or VHCommander is designed to be easy to use without sacrificing power or features.