Joined Oct 9, Messages 1 Thanks 0. Thank you in advances. However if I run another “make release” immediately afterwards, it completes fine, with 5 other ports which are skipped due to the original failure. Forums New posts Search forums. If it didn’t produce a usable file, let me know.

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And yes, it does occur every 10 minutes. I’ll update the guide to reflect adding cdrtools again. Thank you, these are exactly I was looking for.

How to compile FreeNAS 8

I have compiled new Transmission 2. What are the steps to force the build process to build the kernel and repackage everything? Joined Jun 16, Messages 66 Thanks I found that the Node port is still being built, but also that it still fails during the “make release”, as a runaway process.

So i have to do this at home.

Build custom FreeNAS kernel with the ‘ahd’ driver disabled | FreeNAS Community

Maybe if I understand I freenzs help or at least learn from the experience? This should be a good starting point for your lnd, electrum, or btcpay servers. Thilo Oct 16, Before I start I apologize I am a newbie: It does work, after I added all possible rights to the jail, A VM?


That occurs due to how you setup the network configuration. Heh Heh Heh, learn something every day.

Compile failing | FreeNAS Community

I would like to make minimum changes to FreeNAS to make it easily upgradeable. Hello Freenae, A jail is similar in many way to a real installation, so if you search for a guide, you should be able to compile stuff inside the jail. Joined May 24, Messages 9, Thanks And everything is running smooth, TV shows are monitored with Sick-Beard, downloaded with Transmission, renamed, sorted, moved and archived to raidz.

I have managed to create jail, and install transmission and it works. Freensa new New posts New resources Latest activity. I already have a completed build, but now I want to update the kernel with a customized version.

Build custom FreeNAS kernel with the ‘ahd’ driver disabled

Resources Latest reviews Search resources. So I guess I have to compile that somehow? The problem you’ll have with LCDProc is that you can’t install drivers inside a jail, they need to be installed on the host system. I’ve added those instructions to https: Whilst I have almost got there, I have hit an issue during the compiling of the ports after the buildworld completes. Thread starter rocktheroad Start date Nov 20, You must log in or register to reply here.


Joined May 28, Messages 8, Thanks 1, You don’t need to build, it will occur even if you just sit there, or so my experience has been. You must log in or register to reply here.

Which seems to break at strange places. Just copy from here and in comple Putty window right click your mouse and it will paste the entire text. Just because I can.

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