SD memory card reader not working. Worked with original install of Windows 7. Acer 3 Hardware Model: I believe it’s Realtek integrated, but I’m not sure. Formatted the hard drive and did a clean install. Only the standard keys function 5 OS:

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Can only run in text mode with alternate disc install.

The Password settings page will be as shown below. Moreover after most googling i find that link http: Do I have to go back to dual booting? Thank you for your participation! Toshiba Qosmio XV Ubuntu 9. The card reader does not work at all!

I understand this configuration worked with pcmcia-cs, but have not tried to go that route. I had to disable uab on board ALCS and install a sound card.

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Power is frontexh in, USB is plugged frntech, device is turned on, nothing is recognized. Well just have to miss out on multiple audio playback, won’t go back to Windows.


Realtek, unknown model number -Wifi Card: It worked fine up until Intrepid; but it won’t even boot with Jaunty or Karmic. If I hit the power button there is some activity but it doesn’t power down. Bios updated on both systems, still no luck.

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I got it working in intrepid but very buggy when using docks and conky-esque software. It doesn’t work at all with new kernel 2. I have tried clean installs with the same result. AMD dual coreradeon x not working throwing me in the console!!! Compiz effects not working.

Have you find the solution other than buy new camera? FYI, I also tried two other options: Screen shows nothing but lines.

Desktop Hardware Incompatibility List. [Archive] – Page 2 – Ubuntu Forums

Tried it in two different computers with two different Linux builds. However, the older 4, 8 GB Flash Voyager batch beginning with xxxxxx are compatible. Logitech 3 Hardware Model: Works fine on WinXP with gcdrom.


I’m willing to help! This is with the current Ubuntu Studio with all the install items selected.

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Had a minor breakthrough where the ststem didn’t freeze right after booting, but after minutes instead Mercury 3 Hardware Model: Would you use this site again?: Me webcam U-cam ne doesen’t show any picture on the computer Use static electricity discharge precautions. Dell inspiron b total falure no work Sigmatel audio Minipci broadcam. It pops up Server Configuration window as shown below. Card Reader delivered as part of a Medion pc model