Make sure that you hit as many shaft options as you can to find the right one for your swing and you will obtain a very reliable and good looking hybrid. This is definitely the perfect hybrid for troubled rough. All products have some of both. Smooth swings produce wonderful results. Anyone familiar with forums can easily make a post as well laid out as this one. My Nickent 3DX Hybrids 3 and 4 are 5 years old and still in the bag. There is no need to get aggressive with this club.

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Nickent Golf Genex 3DX Irons user reviews : out of 5 – 19 reviews –

The sound brings a little smile to my face every time I hear it. The hybrids replace them. The best gehex for low-handicappers. Good luck to all and do yourself a favor and get one. They fill an esthetic gap left by most other hybrid manufacturers.

There is a dog-leg left par-four on the front nine of a local course with a big tree right in the middle of the ggenex. Nickent 3DX Ironwood Hybrid 5 iron replacement Many people think that hybrids are for hackers who can’t hit long irons. This is a great, no frills design. No longer does one need to fear the 1-iron, the 2-iron, the 3-iron, or even the 4-iron.

The weight and feel of this hybrid is perfectly weighted. I am a 15 handicapper that is used to hitting my 2 Taylor Made Rescue Hybrid whenever I am yenex trouble.


Nickent Golf Genex 3DX Irons

Fits perfectly into my bag, from If I had written the review and was getting trashed, I would have handled matters with humor, saying “Gosh guys, I wish that I worked for Nickent, but I’m just a normal Joe, just like you. This club is designed to help you get the ball up in the air and hit it straight in the process.

Granted most of the success is from the shaft and my swing, it’s still a great club to have. We all genfx our preferences and our bias, but I try to be as fair and as honest as I can be.

And if my 5-iron doesn’t start behaving any better I may add another. Other than that I have no complaints. Grips are fenex, but other than that great club.

Having had two of these in my bag since early this year, and through at least two rounds a week, I can’t give anything but a thumbs-up to the toughness and longevity not only to the finish but also to the rest of the club – these still look great. The hybrid is great and beautiful. I started using Nickent hybrids a couple of years ago. I was even a little skeptical with the 6 posts thing, but it’s that not hard to believe! Then maybe we can relax.

I liked the feel with the old speed rated stock shaft. I think this guy has a future in golf writing!!!

Why are there no values shown for this golf club? Glad you think the review was professionally done. The workability coveted by better players was a liability genes my eight handicap ball striking.


I use the 4H UST shaft and get about yd. As for the ability to hit fades and draws, this is where the Genex was too gejex for me to handle. Absolutely adored itso much so that I did something I thought I never wouldtaking the Cobras out of my bag and replacing them now with a 3, 4, 5 all from Nickent.

Nickent 3DX Ironwood DC Review

I was a guy that swore by the long irons until I hit these and saw the increase in distance and consitency. The sound of a flush hit and an off center hit stays consistant, a nice high pitched ping, but when paied with tenex V2 UST shaft those off center hits are still playable. Thanks for the great review FSU and keep up the club reviews!

I can cut or draw the ball with ease because of the minimal offset, the backweighting of the weight cartridge works as advertised, and unlike many hybrids and most fairway woods the Nickent’s work from any type of lie you throw at them – fairway, first cut, deep rough, sand, hardpan hell, I’m positive I could hit these off the parking lot gebex and glides through smooth as a knife through parkay.