Hey man, I had the same problem with the same laptop. It is recognized under Device Manager but gives ‘ device cannot start. I’m not sure if I typed your email correctly. Exactly whats happening with HP. I just tried what you suggested So eventuallly I turned it on by running the razor blade on the first hub on the left and as soon as it turned on I ran it on the other hub the one on the right and it booted right up. Renee – Jan 23, at

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HP Pavilion dv6500 laptop network card drivers

I was experiencing problems contdoller my Hp dv and I fixed the problem myself. Add comment users h; said thank you to us this month.

I reinstalled all drivers off hp site ad was online for a few days and then lost wireless again I have the same problem and it’s not covered by warranty and they won’t be fixing it. Your laptop is having a problem common with a lot of laptops that are using the Nvidia chipset. Akuojo Jun 24, at RonKlimo – Dec 25, at I am not sure if my inernet card is dead or if it is driver.


Hello, please send me all the drivers for wireless network for the notebook hp dv windows vista.

I ‘m having the same issue. Thank god I have my mac now, never had a single problem.

NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller – Windows 7 Help Forums

Danny – Jan 2, at Report Respond to manik. There was a mother board issue, but I had mine fixed about two years ago. Report Respond to Edi. The time now is Windows 7 doesn’t fix the problem so you can count that out.

I’m an architecture major and need to use the internet a lot to upload designs and such. Then my house got robbed and laptop xontroller anyway haha. Once in “Control Panel”, click on “Administrative Tools”.

I’ll try your driver solution, but am definitely ticked off to know that HP is selling these machines KNOWING that they have this problem and don’t want to do the right thing to fix it.

This isn’t my laptop it belongs to a friend of mine. I believe windows downloaded some updates and installed, because when I shutdown the laptop to reboot today, it had to install some updates.

For more details see this: Please help me out please.

Plus, ur wireless and sound card will most likely stop workin after u downgrade I fixed it in 2 min after uninstalling the wi-fi card in device manager then searching for changes and letting it reinstall itself and instantly fixed! Welcome to Windows 7 Forums.


It still doesnt work. When I go theough the test it shows to be hearing me but after the test it says the computer didnt hear me or if I talk loud and close to the mic it says it did not understand me. Message to all with an Hp dv series The indicator light stays orange no matter which position the switch controlper in.

Hp dv wireless drivers [Solved]

Nirav Bhatt Aug 20, at My motherboard was replaced by a new but defective motherboard under extended warranty. Is this the same or different issue? Report Respond to ccfberg.

Hitman, I hate to say it, but wow, overheating the graphics card I used a app called furmark actually did the trick.