The device also comes equipped with an RF port and small portable aerial, but not an RF lead to attach to your wall aerial port. This feature makes it easy to go on working while keeping an eye on the TV. Delete the text which appears in the box and type the following: If you don’t have the CD it won’t work. I actually have a cable room!

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You will be prompted to select a destination. Ask him to give it to you.

AzNDuDe asked on May 27, Can I record to my computer in mp2 using this as a tuner and Windows Media Center as the recorder? I am travelling in Australia and cannot retune to new stations.

Select the following options before clicking Go: In practice, it is not that simple. If you have already attempted to install the CyberLink PowerCinema software please uninstall it by following these instructions: Good Luck on this endeavor and please write back and let everyone know how things went.

KaiserBaas USB Dual DVB-T Digital TV Tuner

Then try moving the cable around and see it that makes a difference. Do you mean MP4? Limited Terms and Conditions Privacy Disclaimer.


duak Ron asked on Sep 06, I am a bit uncertain of the reviews I am reading on your Kaiser baas tv stick, it doesn’t work for everyone it seems.

Have you tried restarting your laptop with it connected to the power supply and the TV stick connected? For example, if you open another app window, it will open behind the TV display, so your TV viewing is not interrupted.

Kaiser Baas TV Stick Questions & Answers –

I just haven’t had the time to go exploring Well watching it anyway. Zeb replied on Jan 03, Apologies for the late reply There are downsides to using a USB stick.

Now you will need to install the TV tuner driver as per the instructions below, either kziser the 32 bit system or the 64 bit system. Windows 7 — 32 Bit 1.

The show is recorded in. Thankfully Kaiser Baas has included a short extension cable more bloody cables!! Who replied on Mar 03, Are the drivers for windows 10 ready? You can then record shows manually or schedule the recording.


Australian Videocamera Magazine

Have you checked your cables and or connections. However, when completing and returning to TV the old channel list is still current and of course with no signal. If the signal comes back, then there must be some interference between the power supply and the antenna tg normally use.

Jane replied on May 12, This will not work on Foxtel, as a Foxtel receiver decodes the encrypted Signal, the USB device would process dvb-t2 signals at best Cableguy replied on Jan 03, The above link I got to through a previous products link. When it is time for the show, the computer will awaken, record the show and then sleep again.

Click the Download button. Now open the Start menu and right click on Computer then click on Manage.