Join Date Sep Beans 4. January 6th, 8. So you want to make your own digital video recorder DVR under Linux, or maybe you just want to watch TV on your computer. September 30th, 4. The first step is to identify the chipset and Linux module your tuner card uses. If you have a stereo card, you probably want to insmod this one. Howto setup a bt TV Card under ubuntu feisty all you have to do is install tv-time and it works..

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Install a TV Tuner – Linux Multimedia Hacks [Book]

Originally Posted by gtr It is very helpful if you can tell where exactly it broke i. September 30th, 4.

For a more updated list, please check https: Get unlimited access to videos, live online training, learning paths, books, tutorials, and more. The tuner frequency setting should work but it is possible that the audio multiplexer is wrong.

Bttv devices are collectively those PCI cards that are based upon either a BtBt or Fusion A chip, and which are supported under Linux by the bttv and associated kernel driver modules.

Linux Multimedia Hacks by Kyle Rankin

If your card is not listed, see the ” How to add support for a device ” article. Using a vanilla ubuntu setup, the card is detected, but NO device nodes are created although dmesg says it does create a dvb0, this doesn’t exist in the filesystem.


February 5th, 9. Using with lircd 4. Typhoon is the brand of Anubis. Check if v4l-conf is installed suid root, it needs root priviliges to do this.

Originally Posted by art Most grabber board vendors use these pins to control an external chip which does the sound routing. The only way to capture any kernel messages is to hook up a serial console and let some terminal application log the messages.

This also has the side bttv of not being able to take advantage of bus parking, thus lowering arbitration performance. Another method used to help discover the hardware settings required for a linnux device is running the device under a Windows OS with video software and the BtSpy [1] [2] monitoring.

Very nice card if you only have satellite TV but several tuners connected to the card via composite. The ivtv driver With this insmod option you can override this.

No Thanks to Leadtek they refused to answer any questions about their hardware. Join Date Feb Beans 5. Below is a do-it-yourself description for you.


CONFIG_VIDEO_BT848: BT848 Video For Linux

Brooktree Corporation Bt rev 02 Subsystem: There are a lot of different systems used for TV sound all bytv the world. Some bt capture cards have a single chip on board and four inputs on the card’s PCI riser. In order to get sound please refer to the excellent instalation guide for Windows XP and hardware modification this second bit applies to linux too http: This page was last modified on 10 Septemberat Both bttv and btaudio have a insmod option nttv set the PCI latency of the device.

These cards have a number printed on the PCB just above the tuner metal box: The driver was not initialized correctly, v4l-conf or the X-Server has to configure the bttv driver with the current video mode and framebuffer address first. Views Nttv View source View history. Do not reassert REQ to request another bus transaction until after finish-ing the previous transaction.

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