Physical hard drive cache policy. Select a unit and press Enter. Hard drive firmware version. Specify whether the hard drive has been certified. Procedure The Virtual Drive Management screen is displayed. The Virtual Drive Management screen is displayed.

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Set the virtual drive properties. Specify whether virtual drive expansion is supported.

Save Controller Events Save controller event logs. Power failure protection mode. Stripe size of the virtual drive. Select a virtual drive and press Enter. If the RAID array contains a hot spare drive, the hot spare drive is used to restore data after the faulty hard drive is removed. The advanced controller properties page is displayed, as shown in Figure SAS hard drive address.

The RAID properties are automatically configured. Current operating status of the member drive. This policy helps reduce drive seeks and shortens the read time.


Data is directly read from the cache, reducing the response time from 6 ms to less than 1 ms. Displays advanced properties of the virtual drive. Create Profile Based Virtual Drive. Indicators on physical hard drives indicate 31088 hard drive status.

Create Dedicated Hot Spare.

SuperMicro LSI SAS 3108 12gb/s 8-port RAID Controller Adapter 2gb Cache/ Battery

Controller Status Operating status of the controller. The options are as follows:.

The virtual drive changes to the Optimal state after initialization. Capacity that is available for expansion. The Drive Management screen is displayed. The policy is used for special reading, and does not affect the Read Ahead function.

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Virtual Drive Size Unit. Select the source of member drives and press Enter. Upgrading Firmware Set the parameters described in Table Ongoing background operations on virtual drives. If hard drive energy conservation feature is enabled, drives in the Unconfig Good state and idle hot spare drives are stopped.


Table describes the parameters. Select all hard drives. The Advanced screen shown in Figure is displayed. For a redundant RAID array without hot osi drives, install a new hard drive. Disable Background Initialization Enable or disable background initialization.

Move and insert a physical drive to a new position in the backplane. Select OK and press Enter. If the function is disabled, the fault indicator on a faulty hard drive is off.