My computer didn’t even notice the difference and it came right up like the previous one always had. Latency down to 4ms with buffer reductions. It is really maddening that we are being forced to use a technology that is inferior to PCI. I use it mainly with Elektrik Piano live. September 24,

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Wanna dabble in computer audio recording?

All user reviews for the M-Audio Delta Audiophile 24/96

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With PCI, there is no latency, period. Hi Dave, Thanks for asking. Bundle a complete and prix.

Audiophie24/ Windowsbit, driver.

Ma config was lighter than now. The sound is not as flattering as other brands I have tried, but it is not necessarily a fault.

Up till now I did’nt succeed to use Spotify under Puppy, I use a dual boot with XP on this P4-computer which just is being used to play m-aidio. I use this card for music production and a little armature vocal recording thought I was a vocalist at the time. It would be nice to have proper drivers tho, not a cheap card to trash Only drawback, no headphone jack.


M-Audio Internal Sound Cards. I think the card was m-auvio price just wish it had a few more bells and whistles but fairly priced. I expected it to be somewhere in this corner. Barry Grover May 15, I purchased this card because it was affordable and it and it allowed me to connect both my Midi controller m-audi usb midi controllers were popular as well as my turn table. It sounded more flattering than and dynamics processing was convenient.

Ed Fardos July 03, I use only the direct monitoring never by cubase through my POD multi-effect that is both guitar bassacoustic or voice.

M-Audio Audiophile PCI () Sound Card | eBay

But so far so good. Very inexpensive way to determine if it’s for you. This has never bothered me in the least. Our members also liked: Help get this topic noticed by sharing it on Twitter, Facebook, or email.

I used a few different applications with this card. It is really maddening that we are being forced to use a technology that is inferior to PCI.


Knowing what I know now I’d go with a higher quality USB or fire wire interface but back then they weren’t an option so had to work with what was available. But she farted after 3 months: Hold down shift key. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe.

M-Audio Audiophile PCI (2496) Sound Card

For a complete list of our Windows 10 supported products, please see our knowledge base page: It replaced permanently SoundBlaster I had before. The sound is more crystalline and more flattering than the but it is all in the same price range and latency is higher with USB.

Apple Mac Os X I have used my audiophile dating audioophile to Windows Edition, Apple Mac Os X