Unfortunately there are two things to consider against such an idea: You can set video output size and position using the X. The xv driver may not work for you. Generally, most multimedia applications, video and audio players,. I’m using ubuntu On the radeon here using xorg 7. Relax, and get something to eat.

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Let’s look at the output of the modprobe command.

InstallMythOnUbuntu – Community Help Wiki

We’ll get to this later. I can’t update files or get new files.

Unresolved Gstreamer dependencies I am new to Initiaalise, and I am trying to install gstreamer on Ubuntu The following command suggests using gedit; feel free to used any other text editor.

This is written for you the average Linux user; however a knowledge of Linux commands will be helpful when installing mythTV. Follow the procedure you just followed for these new packages.

MythTV Prerequisites

You can now use xine without without problems! Ubuntu, in general, rocks. Ian then started working on making Amarok use the new feature that will be available in 1. This would all be so much harder if it were not for this new, beautiful, distribution of linux.


This is a tutorial about how to set up the LIRC server and how to use it in order to. This should have the following benefits over legacy mode setting. The xv driver may not work for you.

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However, after installing the driver from nVidia, we were able to watch movies. Have xine generate a skeleton lircrc file by typing the following at the command line. Did you installed the package “vlc”? Enter in the password you created at the beginning of xune tutorial; you’re watching Myth! The information about this bug in Launchpad is automatically pulled daily from the vieo bug.

Currently, there is the following command listed there as the dvd player command; this is the command we will change.

For xine there’s a config setting video. If you prefer to configure the file yourself, though, please continue with this procedure.

Alex Dueppen 67 2 Still, it should be better to only have a copy of the code, rather than an undefined number…. Sorry for my English. Download the xine-ui source from the failex website http: Again, refer to the laws of your region to make sure that this is legal.


This will save the changes that you’ve made. Additionally note that Ubuntu comes with Xine installed.

Now, I know there are people that will now bitch about this being an extra dependency on Amarok and so on, this always happens. MythTV Configuration Create a username and password for a mythtv user in the sql database.

Bug # “video driver vdpau not work” : Bugs : xine-lib

But I have a reason to add such a dependency, let initialize try to explain. Bryce 4, 18 Select the ‘User Privelges’ tab of the properties window. Then, make and install.