When 6 password security is enabled, changing of setpoints or issuing of commands will require passwords to be entered. The LED indications are color coded to indicate the type of event. Autoreclose Reclose can be initiated externally or from an overcurrent protection. Both ports are capable of simultaneously supporting the following protocols: Typically 10 cycles 0. This protection feature is essential to ensure the longevity of electrical feeders; particularly important to prevent premature cable failures, expensive repair costs and system down time.

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Advanced Communications The incorporates the latest communication technologies making it the easiest and the most flexible feeder protection relay for use and integration into new and existing infrastructures.

These diagnostic tests monitor for conditions that could impact system reliability. The LED indications are color coded to indicate the type of event. The protection relay chassis used with a draw out relay is available separately, for use as a partial replacement or in test environments. The diagnostics data enables the user to understand degradation of electronics due to extreme conditions.

The can be used to monitor the integrity of both the breaker trip and closing coils and circuits.

Failsafe communications systems are crucial for industries and utilities with critical applications where no recovery time is tolerated. It also allows easy retrofit into existing S1 and S2 cutouts with adapter plates.

This data allows users to proactively schedule regular maintenance work and schedule upgrade activities. In the event of a breaker failure, the will issue an additional signal to trip the breakers connected to the same busbar or signal the trip of upstream breakers. The robust streamlines user work flow processes and simplifies engineering tasks such as configuration, wiring, testing, commissioning and maintenance.


Voltage, Current, Dual Polarizing Voltage: The protocols supported by the include: It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.

If an error occurs or one of the paths goes down, the frame travelling through that path will not reach its destination, but its copy remains intact and will reach the desired destination. Enhanced Diagnostics Preventative Maintenance The allows users to track relay exposure to extreme environmental conditions by monitoring and alarming at high ambient temperatures. Electrically isolated front USB communication port A 4 line liquid crystal display LCD allows visibility under varied lighting conditions.

The EnerVista suite provides all the tools to monitor the status of the protected asset, maintain the relay, and integrate the information measured into DCS or SCADA monitoring systems.

Grid Solutions helps enable utilities and industry to effectively manage electricity from the point of generation to the point of consumption, helping to maximize the reliability, efficiency and resiliency of the grid.

Trace any setting changes with security audit trail. Switching between setting groups 1 and 2 can be done by means of a setting, a communication command or contact input activation. Additionally, the device provides essential feeder breaker control features such as cold load pick up blocking, breaker failure, synchrocheck and autoreclose.

This technology ensures high reliability and availability of communication networks by providing redundancy and zero reconfiguration time in the event of a failure.

Both ports are capable of simultaneously supporting the following protocols: These pre-formatted reports can be used to help ensure device and protection system integrity and perform forensic auditing of activities and changes for compliance.


The draw-out construction of the device reduces downtime during maintenance and decreases extra wiring needed for relay testing and commissioning.

The maintains a history of the last 10 changes made to the configuration, including modifications to settings and firmware upgrades. The can be used with reducing collars when the depth of LV compartment is limited.

Multilin 350 – Chess Electric

Sixteen logic elements available for applications such as manual control, interlocking, and peer to peer tripping. It estimates the temperature rise of current carrying conductors based on the amount of current flow I2R and alarms when temperature rise exceeds a threshold value. It also provides back multikin protection when protecting feeders and other frequency sensitive power equipment.

Reduced Life Cycle Cost The is designed to reduce total myltilin and life cycle cost for feeder protection.

Multilin – Communicate Using Front USB Port

Ten button keypad for access to device interrogation and change of settings. The relay stores up to events time tagged to multjlin nearest millisecond. PTP enables clock redundancy and reduces wiring and testing. For each reclose shot, the relay can be programmed to block any overcurrent element.